Send Money With Real Exchange Rate

Fast. Affordable. Convenient.

Real time exchange rate



No transaction fees
No hidden costs

Transact at true, live mid-market rates coupled with low fees. No telegraphic transfer fees, no fees deducted before interbank rates are given.

Have the entire sum of money remitted at rates of mid-market + 0.5%. At Nickel, we understand that what matters most is the amount of money that is received on the other end.

Try our conversion calculator and notice that you get the most amount of money across using Nickel, as compared to our competitors who have less transparent/straightforward fee structures.

Same day delivery

On top of the low fees and better rates, Nickel enables you to avoid all the delays and frustrations commonly associated with overseas transfers – no more waiting for days for your money to reach its destination. Have your money reach your recipient within the same working day when transaction is completed before 1 pm Singapore Time! Funds transferred after 1 pm will reach the next business day.


Security is enforced through the use of technology that is on par with banks. Transfers are protected using One-Time PIN (OTP) for Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

Easily track your cash movement every step of the way, secured with our strong partnership with Xfers. You will also be notified once the funds have been deposited into your recipient bank account.


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